Below is an example of the firing log for one of the longer firings in the Wysing anagama.
Firing 14 18 June 2001

Weather: unsettled, thunder storms, Thursday rain at night, Friday sunny morning thunderstorms in late afternoon and evening. Saturday: wind and rain Sunday over cast wind dropping clear at night. Monday morning clear.

4 stacks great fir and pine half stack Walnut.

Dampers set 2 inches in. air bricks larger, 2 x half bricks each side. 1 half brick in on edge.

Thursday 14th

12:00 mid day Kiln was lit. Small fire in the fire mouth,

6:00pm Fire pushed further into the kiln and the door bricked up.

Fire kept small for several hours then stoked with larger stokes, flame starting to travel down the chamber. Front stokes all night little smoke. Stoke size increased when the 07 cones at front over producing lot of smoke from the chimney strong reduction. Flame just visable from the chimney window by 6am

Friday 15th

Cone 11 at the front left starting to bend, cone 10 top right half way no movement on 11. 1130 cone back bottom left, halfway over. Top right cone 8 bending.

Air bricks covered with half bricks on top so 1" x 3" gap. Dampers pushed 4 -5" in. flame movement slowed down, smaller stokes kiln temperature kept at approx 1200 at the front, heat travelling back.

Saturday 16th 4am

Cones same at front cone 8 at back starting to bend heat very slowly increasing both front 11 cone going over through the day front stoking continued through the day and night

Sunday 17th 7am

Damper settings and air settings same, stoking rate increased start to take stokes from the chimney window again.

Maintained for 5 hours.

Stoking size decreased again allowing temperature to level out. Back cone 10s and 11s both left and right going over


Stoking sizes increased again back to stoking from chimney. Flame from chimney cone 11s front flat ash build up good. Cone 11 top back flat, left bottom halfway.


Monday 18th

side stoking and front stoking taking stoking rate from chimney window. 5 side to 1 front

Side stoking only, back left cone 11 flat pots very shiny strong ash runs visable on pots ember pile close to door to melt heavy ash on front pots.

3am Large front stokes carefully placed so not to disturb ember piles too much good melt visible.

4am firing finished. Door and air inlets clammed up after 15 minutes of last stoke. All visible pots very shiny strong ash run on front pots.