Sketch book

Page # 1 Dancing vessels
Page # 2 Jug forms

Why include sketchbook pages?
We all, as makers, use some way of transferring and interpreting our
ideas from a concept into a finished piece of work. In my case a sketchbook is the initial stage of compounding and visualising an idea. These initial ideas translated into 2D images will then be 'sketched' on the wheel. I view my work as 3 dimensional sketches, carried out with an immediacy and spontaneity using a directness of line to construct form. How the final object then relates back to the initial sketches will be informed by the evolution of marks and manipulations which the material undergoes through construction and ultimately firing.

These sketchbook images are not posted as exemplary 'drawings', but merely as an indication of initial imagery depicting the thought process behind some of the work which I make.